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Action: USASers Fasting for DSP! [27 Nov 2006|10:44am]

Purdue students are fasting to get their school to sign on to the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP).
The DSP is the culmination of over a decade of student-labor solidarity activism and we've got to get it off the ground now!
While this is a struggle at Purdue, the fight is really an international one, and Purdue and other schools are at the frontlines of the next, major advance for our movement.
Last week, many of us gorged ourselves to show Thanks. This week, lets take this step to show real thanks for those workers and students who are changing the world.

How to helpCollapse )
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Solidarity with Kenyan Garment Workers! [21 Nov 2006|02:13pm]
Check out this blog which has updates on the United Students Against Sweatshops campaign in solidarity with workers at the Rising Sun garment factory in the Athi River Export Processing Zone in Kenya:


Then - take action! Contact USAS, organize a screening of the Rising Sun video in your town, and protest against a Steve and Barry's or JC Penny! Post pictures and updates from actions on the comments section of the blog and we will share them with the workers at Rising Sun.


USAS Intern
Nairobi, Kenya
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Happy Labor Day [04 Sep 2006|03:00am]

[ mood | socioeconomic Catholicism ]

Some years from now, in an economic refugee relocation “Enterprise Zone,” your kids will ask you, “What did you do in the Class War, Daddy?”

The trick of class war is not to let the victims know they’re under attack. That’s how, little by little, the owners of the planet take away what little we have.

This week, Dupont, the chemical giant, slashed employee pension benefits by two-thirds. Furthermore, new Dupont workers won’t get a guaranteed pension at all — and no health care after retirement. It’s part of Dupont’s new “Die Young” program, I hear. Dupont is not in financial straits. Rather, the slash attack on its workers’ pensions was aimed at adding a crucial three cents a share to company earnings, from $3.11 per share to $3.14.

So Happy Labor Day.

And this week, the government made it official: For the first time since the Labor Department began measuring how the American pie is sliced, those in the top fifth of the wealth scale are now gobbling up over half (50.4%) of our nation’s annual income.

So Happy Labor Day.

We don’t even get to lick the plates. While 15.9% of us don’t have health insurance (a record, Mr. President!), even those of us who have it, don’t have it: we’re spending 36% more per family out of pocket on medical costs since the new regime took power in Washington. If you’ve actually tried to collect from your insurance company, you know what I mean.


So Happy Labor Day.

But if you think I have nothing nice to say about George W. Bush, let me report that the USA now has more millionaires than ever — 7.4 million! And over the past decade, the number of billionaires has more than tripled, 341 of them!

If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out, this should: You, Mr. Median, are earning, after inflation, a little less than you earned when Richard Nixon reigned. Median household income — and most of us are “median” — is down. Way down.

Since the Bush Putsch in 2000, median income has fallen 5.9%.

Mr. Bush and friends are offering us an “ownership” society. But he didn’t mention who already owns it. The richest fifth of America owns 83% of all shares in the stock market. But that’s a bit misleading because most of that, 53% of all the stock, is owned by just one percent of American households.

And what does the Wealthy One Percent want? Answer: more wealth. Where will they get it? As with a tube of toothpaste, they’re squeezing it from the bottom. Median paychecks have gone down by 5.9% during the current regime, but Americans in the bottom fifth have seen their incomes sliced by 20%.

At the other end, CEO pay at the Fortune 500 has bloated by 51% during the first four years of the Bush regime to an average of $8.1 million per annum.

So who’s winning? It’s a crude indicator, but let’s take a peek at the Class War body count.

When Reagan took power in 1980, the One Percent possessed 33% of America’s wealth as measured by capital income. By 2006, the One Percent has swallowed over half of all America’s assets, from sea to shining sea. One hundred fifty million Americans altogether own less than 3% of all private assets.

Yes, American middle-class house values are up, but we’re blowing that gain to stay alive. Edward Wolff, the New York University expert on income, explained to me that, “The middle class is mortgaging itself to death.” As a result of mortgaging our new equity, 60% of all households have seen a decline in net worth.

Is America getting poorer? No, just its people, We the Median. In fact, we are producing an astonishing amount of new wealth in the USA. We are a lean, mean production machine. Output per worker in BushAmerica zoomed by 15% over four years through 2004. Problem is, although worker productivity keeps rising, the producers are getting less and less of it.

The gap between what we produce and what we get is widening like an alligator’s jaw. The more you work, the less you get. It used to be that as the economic pie got bigger, everyone’s slice got bigger too. No more.

The One Percent have swallowed your share before you can get your fork in.


The loot Dupont sucked from its employees’ retirement funds will be put to good use. It will more than cover the cost of the company directors’ decision to hike the pension set aside for CEO Charles Holliday to $2.1 million a year. And that’s fair, I suppose: Holliday’s a winning general in the class war. And shouldn’t the winners of war get the spoils?

Of course, there are killjoys who cling to that Calvinist-Marxist belief that a system forever fattening the richest cannot continue without end. Professor Michael Zweig, Director of the State University of New York’s Center for Study of Working Class Life, put it in culinary terms: “Today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon.”

[Greg Palast]

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SFA online action [23 Aug 2006|03:15pm]


Send out a letter of faith for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Student Farmworker Alliance!
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PLEASE JOIN! NEW COMMUNITY! [02 Aug 2006|02:53pm]


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Taco Bell Boycott Survey [11 Jun 2006|08:52pm]

I'm conducting a study on student/youth participants in the CIW-led National Taco Bell Boycott. This study serves as my undergraduate sociology thesis and should take less than 10 minutes.
If you were involved in the boycott at any level, please fill out my online survey, which can be found here:
Also, please pass this link along to any other boycott participants that you may know of. With such a large movement, I will be dependant on word of mouth to get a proper representation for this survey.
Thank you,
Michael C. Ide
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May Day 2006!!! [04 May 2006|05:55am]

How were the May 1st events for everyone? Share some stories:-)
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[14 Feb 2006|02:04am]

So I was all excited when I found out at the national USAS meetin' that there was a usas livejournal community, and then I come here and it's deeeead. Let's liven it up!

The SanFran conference was my second usas conference ever, and my first national one, so it was pretty exciting to me.

Favorite moment: Walking with a group of folks from the hotel to 1st street, to find that the bar that was supposed to have existed there well, didn't. The walk there and back proved to be fun in and of itself, however.

I also liked the idea of doing an action during the conference because it's one of the few times we'll have that many USASers in one place at one time. The action itself could have been better in some ways. I don't think we succeeded in doing much other than frustrating some workers at the building, but at least we tried.

U of Tennessee, Knoxville
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anyone from st.louis jwj conference? [27 Nov 2005|09:12pm]

hey i'm Lila, i was at the Jobs with Justice conference in September in St.Louis. Just trying to see if anyone from that is on here?

peace,love & happiness,
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Buy Nothing Day Action against Eddie Bauer [25 Nov 2005|07:22pm]

Although I broke the main rule of "buy nothing day", I participated with a corporate campaign in association with USAS.

play by play of my direct actionCollapse )
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Stand with threatened student activists at Hampton! (x-post) [21 Nov 2005|11:01am]

This link is to support some close friends and fellow
activists at Hampton University.
Brandon, Eba, Sheradon and the others in the United
Students Against Sweatshops crew are being threatened
with expulsion because of their participation in a
national walk out.
We must stand up for our fellow student activists and
ensure that our campuses are respecting our rights to
free speech without undue hinderance and intimidation.

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Coke and Human Rights [16 Nov 2005|10:42pm]

Here's an article written by a brilliant friend of mine at UT Austin about Coca Cola.
Come out to the protest this Friday! Coke Headquarters, Atlanta, Noon
Standing Up to Coca ColaCollapse )
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USAS is going to Stop Killer Coke! [06 Nov 2005|10:10pm]

Hello everyone,
In the spirit of the School of the Americas (SOA) vigil and latin american solidarity, United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is hosting a supplimental protest in Cokelanta on Friday, Nov. 18.
Coca Cola has been involved in many human rights abuses including the murder of nine labor leaders within the coca cola bottling factory, kidnap of children for intimidation, etc. More information can be found at: www.killercoke.org
Hundreds of us will converge at noon that Friday Nov. 18th at the Coca Cola head quarters to highlight the international crimes Coca Cola still refuses to address.
This will be along the way for many of us to the SOA vigil.
The vigil, hosted by SOA watch (www.soawatch.org), will draw thousands of participants to Colombus, GA, home of the infamous SOA/WHINSIC at Ft. Benning. This training school (often called the School of Assassins) has trained some of the most brutal Latin American dictators and human rights abusers that we know of.
Both marches are a great way to let Killer Coke and our military know that we're not letting up on them and that our solidarity with the people of the global south and the movements there is ongoing and growing.
For more information, contact:
or call Jessica at: 516.652.9772

If you are interested in going from/through Hattiesburg, MS, please let me know. Rides are currently being organized and we don't have much time!

Michael C. Ide
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Guy Fawks Day Hooray [03 Nov 2005|12:09am]

Dirtysouth USAS conference is on Nov. 5! -- Guy Fawks Day!
Guy Fawks was the last british bloke burned at the steak for treason.
He loaded parliment with gunpowder and tried to destroy the British government...but was caught and burned.
so every year, the people celebrate by burning scarecrows and such.
Just seems ironic that a group with so many lefties would be meeting on a day to celebrate an anti-government crusader :)
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A little sweat-free campus blurb [05 Oct 2005|12:46pm]

its still cool
http://www.ethicsworld.com/ under the "news" section...

also, does anyone want to do outreach and get this community hopping again? Not that it was ever THAT hopping.
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CONGRATULATIONS [29 Sep 2005|12:34am]

Congrats FSU.
USM is right behind y'all!

Also, to all the schools who participated in D-Day.

Who kicks ass? Oh yeah, I think it's USAS kids.
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northeast conference [29 Sep 2005|12:00am]
I know this is kinda a dead community, but anyone else going to the northeast USAS conference this weekend?
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since we need to use this community more like whoa [17 Aug 2005|02:57am]

favorite conference moment from chicago...1, 2, 3, go!
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National Conference [25 Jul 2005|03:33am]

Hey Y'all,
Heading up to Chicago in August?

Care for some Pre-conference intros?

Comment with name, location, school and any other interesting stuff :)

I'm Michael from Mississippi, (Univ. of Southern Miss) and we're just really kicking off our WRC affiliation campaign this year, so I'm hoping to get all motivated to re-join the land o' the living after this summer.
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Kevin Benderman, Pablo Paredes Face Courts Martial Today [11 May 2005|03:00pm]


On Wednesday, May 11, the Pentagon will court-martial Petty Officer Pablo Paredes, US Navy and Sergeant Kevin Benderman, US Army for refusing to deploy with their units to occupied Iraq.  Pablo’s supporters have established an online petition asking the Department of the Navy to allow his discharge as a conscientious objector, and Benderman has requested messages of support, which will be entered in the Congressional Record by Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), as well as messages of protest to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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